Individual and Couple Psychotherapy since 1982


Clinical Psychologist and "EuroPsy" certified Psychotherapist.
Sexologist and Orgone Therapist.

Clinical and preventive
activity in Valencia
and Barcelona.
since 1982

Director of
Escuela Española de Terapia Reichiana

Trainer, professor, supervisor and consultant in Europe and Latin America since 1987


About my job…

Following our School tradition, I believe that the practice of every trained psychotherapist must rely on two key cornerstones:

i) A rigorous and coherent training where, together with the specialized courses and the case-centered supervision seminars, the strongest foundation is provided by one’s own psychotherapeutic process.

ii) A self-regulated and deontological praxis within a daily dynamic that is coherent with what we promote. This is the main reason why I enjoy teaching and why I actively engage with professional institutions and associations that are more socially oriented, more human, and more ecological.

All of these, shall be accompanied and enhanced by the active participation on congresses and shared workshops where we can communicate our knowledge and experience. Not only with psychotherapists, but with professionals from other fields too. This sharing will enable us to continue learning from the knowledge of others.

Throughout my career, I have also learned that teamwork and strong professional networks are fundamental for a functional and effective clinical practice, and thus support our main aim: to alleviate the psycho-emotional suffering of people, helping them to restore their own identity and recover the true contact with their essence and nature. We are talking about taking part in the “humanization of the human being” project.

To this day…

End of 2017

I consider myself an EcoHealth practicioner, a Character-Analytic psychotherapist (orgone therapist), specialized in the treatment of personality disorders as well as psychopathological, sexual and relational disorders (individual and couples). I also specialize in organizing more ecological atmospheres for families and other social systems (schools, institutions and companies).

In this path, in the process of acquiring my own identity and its praxis, together with what I have learned from history, from our ancestors who transmitted their knowledge through books and treaties, and from my teachers, I recognize and will always be grateful for all the contributions that, in one way or another, my parents, friends, life-companions, my children, patients and students have made. I will also remain always thankful for my own personal story and for every single thing that happens around me every day.