Individual and Couple Psychotherapy since 1982


To be a psychotherapist one needs not only theoretical and technical knowledge, but also some personal skills and an adequate implementation of all these in the psychotherapeutic relationship one establishes with the patient.

To develop these abilities properly, the psychotherapist needs a specialized professional who supervises his practice for a time. It is also advisable for him to attend seminars where a comprehensive revision of clinical cases is carried out and shared with other psychotherapists.

Since I was recognized as an international supervisor (Scuola Europea di Orgonterapia (SEOR)), I believe this labor stands at the intersection of clinical and didactic practice. One the one hand, it is a confidential space, where the personal issues of the psychotherapist can be addressed, so they do not interfere with his practice, but on the other hand, it also a training space for the supervised psychotherapist.

Supervision activities certified by the Escuela Española de Terapia Reichiana, the European Association of Body Psychotherapy and the Official College of Psychology.