Individual and Couple Psychotherapy since 1982


Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution

Life begins to take shape already with the very desire of conception. That is why it is crucial to reflect on the adequate and functional conditions for having a child.

Once the vital process starts, the first days, the blastulation and the embryonic time are the times of the immunological basis of the future biosystem. Hence, we are talking about essential times. What happens to the mother, to the maternal biosystem, directly or indirectly, has an energetic repercussion on the future human being.

From the anthropological perspective, the fetal time, from the third month of intrauterine life to the ninth month of extrauterine life, is a time where the basis of the psychosomatic functioning of a person is organized. Therefore, the structural foundation of the future psychical life of a person depends on this meaningful period.

Pregnancy as a unique experience for a woman and for her partner (individual-system), as a nurturing space for the new being…

To accompany such a decisive stage so that it is fully lived involves:

A) Individual weekly sessions for the mother. During these sessions we apply P.B.C. systematics tailored for pregnancy. This allows us to understand and deal with psychological and somatic aspects of this period, reduce chronic tensions and support a complete experience throughout pregnancy and childbirth.

B) Twice-monthly sessions with the pregnant couple to prevent conflicts and enable fluent communication, cherish and potentiate intimacy and complicity.

C) Group sessions carried out by another specialist to address more specific details about the pregnancy process and birth moments. These are couple sessions aimed to build a social network that supports the demands of an ecological child breeding (open family, more tribal spaces). .