Individual and Couple Psychotherapy since 1982


Going deeper into the Reichian Divan. Vegetotherapy and Character-Analytic Psychotherapy

Xavier Serrano. Edit. Biblioteca Nueva. Madrid, 2011.

This book is a concrete, detailed and well-documented synthesis on the evolution of the Character-Analytic Vegetotherapy; a psychotherapeutic approach recognized as a scientific model by the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP) both in the field of diagnosis and clinical intervention. Character-Analytic Vegetotherapy is considered a depth therapy, but it has also been tailored for a brief setting (Brief Character-Analytic, P.B.C). The author labels both applications of Character-Analytic Vegetotherapy under the name “Character-Analytic Therapy”

Brief Character-Analytic Psychotherapy (P.B.C)
A psychosocial approach to emotional suffering

Xavier Serrano. Edit. Biblioteca Nueva. Madrid, 2007.

Emotional suffering will not be healed until economic and social dynamics are not transformed, as well as the way we relate to each other and communicate between us and with Nature. Nonetheless, there are some powerful methods and tools to improve the current state of things. In the field of clinical intervention and particularly in Body Psychotherapy, Character-Analytic Brief Psychotherapy is an outstanding instance of this. It can be applied in both public or social health institutions and in private organizations due to its brevity, reduced costs and effectiveness. Nevertheless, it remains a highly coherent model that has as reference the depth therapy model and is supported by the Ecology and Orgonomy Paradigm.

Ecological Child-breeding. Human development and maturation. On the path of Wilhem Reich

M. S. Pinuaga, X. Serrano. Publicaciones Orgón. Valencia, 1997.

This book, written under the perspective of W. Reich’s work, provides clues to understand the causes of emotional suffering throughout human development and tools to alleviate it. A path that starts with the first maternal ecosystem: our mother’s womb.

At XXI Century’s Dawn.
Post-Reichian Ecological Papers

Xavier Serrano. Edit.Summus. Sao Paulo, 2004

The collection of papers presented in this volume allows the reader to appreciate further the thinking of Wilhem Reich and its understanding of nature and social phenomena: a weather unexpected variation, plant development, psychosomatic functioning, a romantic relationship, unbridled consumerism, madness or existential questions related to life and death.

Wilhem Reich, 100 years

X. Serrano, F. Navarro, M. García, J. López, J. Torró, M. Montero-Ríos, M. Redón, C. Mello. Publicaciones Orgón. Valencia, 1997.

THis book brings us a littler closer, providing a glimpse into the thought and work of Wilhem Reich (1897- 1957): ex-psychoanalyst, social psychiatry pioneer, human ecology, orgonomy, scientific sexology and body psychotherapy initiator. All the authors are committed with and currently working within the Reichian Paradigm.

At XXI Century’s Dawn.
Post-Reichian Ecological Papers

Xavier Serrano. Publicaciones Orgón. Valencia, 2001

Critical reflection holds the seeds, when not genetically modified, for resisting narcosis and the alienation of a feeble-minded dominated society)

How to conduct a successful psychotherapy

Xavier Serrano y otros autores. Editorial Psicología Científica. México, 2003.

This book reviews the most important and cutting-edge approaches to Contemporary Psychotherapy.

Contact, Bonding and Separation

Xavier Serrano.

In this work the author endeavors to enrich some bio-psychosocial theories of the Reichian Paradigm from a more epistemological and clinical position. He provides key ideas to understand fundamental stages of child development. It is during these stages of maturation, where self-identity is shaped, future health is decided and the character-muscular armor is developed. Consequently, emotional blockages, human suffering and psychosomatic illnesses are originated during these stages, but can also be prevented. Therefore, it is a suitable book for health professionals, educators, parents and anyone interested in nurturing human’s life quality.