Individual and Couple Psychotherapy since 1982


From Mental Health to the Reichian Divan & EcoHealth

In 1982, I started publishing articles for the Spanish Newspaper El País and giving conferences as well as workshops and introductory courses on the life and work of Wilhelm Reich, on body psychotherapies, on how to prevent the body armor, human sexuality and other more clinical subjects. My work started in different venues from the city of Valencia in Spain, among them, at the headquarters of the Official School of Psychologists.

Over the years, I have extended my teaching activities to other Spanish cities and European countries (France, Austria, Finland, Italy). I have also been involved in international congresses; the first one took place in Buenos Aires in 1992 (Somatoterapia). That same year, I taught a course in Córdoba, Argentina and some years later, in 1995, I trained students in Río de Janeiro, Brasilia, Natal and San Francisco (USA). In 1996, I visited Boston and one year after, in 1997, it was Mexico, Montevideo and Sao Paulo the places where I developed my teaching activities. Since that year, I have been invited to different European and Latin American cities for workshops, conferences and trainings.

I have published more than fifty articles and several books in Spanish and Portuguese. The first book, entitled Contacto, vinculo y separación (Contact, bonding and separation), was published in 1994. The last one until today entitled Profundizando en el Diván Reichiano. La Vegetoterapia en la Psicoterapia Caracteroanalítica (Going deeper into the Reichian Divan: Vegetotherapy in Character-analytic Psycotherapy) was released in 2011.