Individual and Couple Psychotherapy since 1982


We know that many of the causes of emotional suffering and disease, both psychological and physical, are the result of stressful and dehumanized social and work systems, but they are also linked to stressful experiences during child development within family or school systems.

As EcoHealth practicioners we have the following objectives for preventing pathology:

A) To have a social perspective, to actively participate and engage in social movements that encourage social and political changes.

B) To participate in the co-creation of more ecological atmospheres within essential systems like family and school, facilitating a healthier development from the perspective of self-regulation and the prevention of body armoring.

C) Conflict resolution and an adequate management of potentialities in couples, institutions and companies. All this, from an ecological point of view: from cooperation, self-government and self-regulation (self-management for institutions and companies).

Some years ago, I proposed to call “Human Systems Ecology” to this prevention project we have carried out for decades within the interdisciplinary teams of the ESTER. Our work restored the link between macro and micro ecosystems recalling the dance of life and the laws that make it possible. Based mainly on the work of “Global Ecology” (F. Capra) and “Human Ecology” (G. Marten) jointly with Wilhem Reich’s functional orgonomy and the self-regulation theory he and A. Neill proposed. We also bear in mind concepts originated on the complex thought of Edgar Morin, the biosystemic perspective H. Maturana endorsed and those regarding the idea of “mutual support” as Kropotkin and Tomassello conceived it.

From a more concrete point of view, we call “Ecological Child Breeding” to this preventive intervention that is carried out during the most fundamental years of psycho-affective maturation. I must acknowledge the strong influence and inspiration Eva Reich meant to me, along with the work of W. Reich. She was an inspiration to me since the first seminar on infant massage and prevention I organized with her in Valencia in 1982 and on every single occasion we met. The social and politically committed views of Federico Navarro also left a profound imprint on me.

For practical purposes, preventive interventions from the perspective of “Ecological Child Breeding” address these four stages:


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